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What sets us apart from other commercial kitchens and incubators is our collective skill level and expertise in the food business.  From our principals to our on-site attendants, we have all worked most of our lives in the food business. Between all of us on the team, we have owned and run restaurants, food trucks, catering companies, and most recently a very successful pastry company that serviced airlines as well as major grocery store chains and big box stores. We've sold at  farmer's markets, smaller boutique stores, and online.  Chances are, whatever channel you're looking to sell your product through, we can help you do it.
Our understanding of what is necessary to produce successfully at each of these levels drives our kitchen set up and procedures.  We are fully approved and licensed with the city/county/state/FDA, and in some special cases the USDA.
Besides offering $1 million in top of the line equipment in each kitchen, which is meant to reduce labor cost, we can also help with packaging, distribution, recipe development, permitting, and a host of other issues that may arise.  As we like to say "Your success is our success!"

Chef Michael Hu


A world-renowned Pastry Chef, Michael honed his skills as Head Pastry Chef for the Waldorf Astoria, Hilton, and Hyatt Hotels
as well as manufacturing advisor for Nabisco and Sunkist. Chef has over 35 years of experience in designing, building, and running professional kitchens alongside large scale food production. He has also run 3 of his own pastries companies,  a restaurant on Maui, and a food truck in NYC.  As an advisor and mentor, he is a master of recipe development and scaling, food science, and using automation to decrease labor.


Recipe & Culinary Advisor


Arturo Arvizu


 Process & Automation Advisor


The master of kitchen set up and organization, Arturo has a rich background working in kitchens.   Before managing the Brooklyn kitchen operations for 5 years, he was part of the team that opened the OC kitchen and established a foothold in the market. He has developed replicable operating systems that allow both kitchens to run like "well-oiled machines".  Arturo specializes and mentors on streamlining production processes, and using large scale equipment and automation.
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