A Man on a Mission

March 10, 2018

 One of the most successful food producers at Hana Kitchens Orange County isn't in it for the profits.  Bracken's Kitchen, a non-profit run by award-winning Chef Bill Bracken, is a man on a mission.  A mission to reduce Food Insecurity in Orange County via recovered food, his trusty food truck Betsy, and an army of volunteers.  Later this year, Bill will be adding an educational component to Bracken's Kitchens.  See below for his newsletter.  And get in touch if you can help with a food donation or your time!


"Regardless of your personal, political or faith beliefs I hope we can all agree on 

one thing, no child should ever go to bed hungry in America, or the world for 

that matter.  At Bracken's Kitchen we recognize that poverty and homelessness 

are sticky subjects with no easy answers on how to alleviate.  While we will offer a meal to anyone in need our first focus is families with children, struggling military veterans and the elderly. 


With the absurd amount of food wasted in America, we "CAN" solve the issues of Food Insecurity.  Beyond our culinary training program that aims to give people a path out of poverty we belief deeply in the power of food to reach and affect a person.  We all share two of the most basic human survival needs, the need to breath and the need to eat. The problem is that air is free and food is not.  That simply fact gives 

food enormous power to change and affect a life. By bringing made from scratch tasty and nutritious meals to those who need it most we are telling them, "We Care" and you are of value.  Your life "IS" worth more than a dive in the dumpster. 

We deliver hope, one tasty meal at a time."


Contact Bill and his team at chef@brackenskitchen.com or www.BrackensKitchen.com.





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