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Hana Kitchens' Success Stories: MOMO Dressing

Momo Dressing, former producer at Hana Kitchens New York - Commercial Kitchens for Rent

Today we'd like to tell you about one of the many success stories that began at Hana Kitchens - MOMO Dressing. MOMO Dressing, owned and operated by Yukimi and Masaki Momose, started at Hana Kitchens NYC almost 4 years ago. They produce outstanding Japanese dressings and marinades made with fresh local ingredients and absolutely no processing or preservatives. Their varieties include Ginger, Sesame, Non-Oil Shiso, Basil, Carmelized Onion, and Yuzu Jalapeno.

MOMO Dressing, started at Hana Kitchens in New York, Commercial Kitchens for Rent

All of us at Hana Kitchens can attest to the blood, sweat, and tears the Momoses have put into their business throughout the years. Working seven days per week, doing all the prep and production by hand, and all deliveries themselves. Slowly but surely, the success came. From their start at two local farmer's markets, MOMO Dressing is now available at Whole Foods as well as over 40 other locations. Last year, MOMO Dressing had reached a key turning point - they had enough sales to rent their own dedicated kitchen. We like to say they "graduated" from Hana Kitchens.

Out of their new dedicated kitchen they also run a small supper club, the MOMO Test Kitchen, where they R&D new recipes and ideas once per month. If you can grab a seat at the Momoses' table, do it! For more information and reservations, visit their website at

MOMO Test Kitchen, once per month at MOMO kitchen in Brooklyn, New York

See Yukimi and Masaki in action below. Congratulations MOMO Dressing! All of us at Hana Kitchens couldn't be prouder of your success!

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