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Hana Kitchens' Success Stories: Farm and Culture

Farm and Culture - Hana Kitchens Orange County California

Today's Hana Kitchens' success story comes out of our Orange County, California kitchen. Pictured above is Claudia Stubin, owner and founder of Farm & Culture Co. in Costa Mesa. Farm & Culture Co. is California's first Kombucha Bar and Restaurant. Before opening Farm & Culture Co., Claudia worked for 2 years at Hana Kitchens

perfecting her kombucha recipes and optimizing the fermentation process.

Kombucha at Farm and Culture - Hana Kitchens Orange County

Farm & Culture Co. serves a rotating menu of small batch, housemade kombucha on tap. You can sidle up to the bar and order a glass of kombucha in rotating flavors such as strawberry, basil & mint, raspberry, "three amigos" (lime, cilantro, and jalapeño), pomegranate, cucumber, strawberry, cranberry apple, and many more. For those of you new to the beverage, kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drink that is made from an active starter culture, similar to the starter in the bread making process. Rich in probiotics and "good bacteria", kombucha can have great health benefits, including improved digestion and a stronger immune system. Other benefits can include healthier skin and nails and increased energy.

Farm & Culture fermented items - Hana Kitchens Orange County

In addition to housemade kombucha on tap (also available in growlers to take home), the Farm & Culture Co. menu features other organic and raw foods, including housemade bone broth and yogurt, vegan daikon kimchi, daikon & jalapeño, curtido, pickled eggs, different sauerkraut, deviled eggs, yogurt, and much more. But what sets Claudia apart is that her small batch kombuchas and other items are super tasty as well as healthy. She is also adding medicinal herbs and teas to the menu.

As Claudia and I spoke yesterday, she recalled her years at Hana Kitchens fondly, noting that "the excitement of being in a kitchen with other entrepreneurs, in an incubator, increased my passion and drove me forward....networking with other food producers and working with the very knowledgable Hana staff and management was invaluable."

The Hana Kitchens team thanks you Claudia, and wishes you continued success!!


The OC Mix at SOCO

3313 Hyland Ave #A1B

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: 949 535-2019

Hours | M-F: 11 to 7 • Sat: 10-6 • Sun: 11-5


Instagram: @farmandculture

Facebook: @farmandculture


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