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Hana Kitchens' Success Stories: Ice & Vice

Ice & Vice Ice Cream - Hana Kitchens Brooklyn New York

Our Hana Kitchens success story today focuses on Ice & Vice, an ice cream company that got their start at the Hana Brooklyn kitchen. Starting with small batches in innovative, edgy flavors such as "Nuts of Wrath" (Marcona almonds, grape Kool-aid jam), "Olive Garden" (black garlic, olive oil, sweet corn crumble), "3 Little Pigs" (bacon salted-caramel, bacon praline), "Movie Night" (buttered popcorn, toasted raisins, chocolate chips), "Opium Den" (white sesame, toasted poppy seed, lemon bread crouton), and many more flavors. Owners Paul and Kendrick dazzled us at Hana each week with samples of these wild and surprising flavor combinations. At the same time, Ice & Vice

was running popups across the city, even winning a Vendy Award for Best Dessert.

Ice & Vice - Hana Kitchens Brooklyn New York

Then, about 2 years ago, Paul and Kendrick opened a brick and mortar Ice & Vice shop on the Lower East Side, which they describe as "an experimental ice cream shop based in New York City. Handcrafting our ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt in small, customized batches, we push the boundaries of what frozen desserts can be. Always edgy and always ultra-premium, we serve up quality and vice with every scoop."

They also now have a kiosk in Times Square serving up their most popular flavors afternoons Thursday through Sunday. They deliver locally in NYC via Caviar and Uber Eats, and ship nationwide via Goldbely.

Pictured above: 1 scoop each "Crack o'Lantern" (pumpkin seed oil, crystallized ginger) and "Tea Dance" (nilgiri tea leaf, lemon charcoal, salted caramel), with PB&J Squish Marshmallows and Lemon Poppy Cake

As with all of our Hana Kitchens success stories, we've watched Paul and Kendrick's hard work and persistence firsthand. Success in the food industry does not come easy - especially in New York City. We continue to cheer them on and, of course, enjoy all of the interesting, crazy, and delicious flavors they come up with!

Ice & Vice - Hana Kitchens - Brooklyn New York

Pictured above: 1 scoop each "Basic B" (Mexican vanilla, black lava sea salt) and "9AM" (Vietnamese coffee, donut truffle)


221 East Broadway (cross Clinton St)

NY, NY 10002

Store Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri: 2pm - 10pm

Saturday: 12PM - 11pm

Sunday: 12PM - 10pm


43rd St & Broadway


Store Hours:

Monday - Wed: Closed

Thurs - Sunday: 1PM - 8PM



Uber Eats




FACEBOOK: @iceandvice

INSTAGRAM: @iceandvice

TWITTER: @iceandvice

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