Hana Kitchens' Success Stories: Wowfulls Hong Kong Egg Waffles

One of the most fun and innovate food concepts to be born in Hana Kitchens in Brooklyn, New York is Wowfulls. Started by partners Peter, David (pictured left), and Yiming, Wowfulls serves up 1950's style Hong Kong egg waffles (Gai Dàn Jai) that are crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. They've made their mark by using flavors such as matcha green tea, red velvet, chocolate, and coconut. Their combination of freshly made, tasty Hong Kong egg waffles paired with homemade soft serve in rotating flavors like Captain Crunch Cookies & Cream, Cotton Candy Pop Rocks, and Green Tea Lemon puts an entirely new spin on the Hong Kong egg waffle.

The "Wowfull" is then finished off with your choice of toppings: chocolate drizzle, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, oreo crumbs, chewy mochi, Pocky sticks, condensed milk, Fruity Pebbles dust, and more. Just look at the masterpieces that they are creating. Talk about food porn! Not only do they look delicious, they taste even better. Perhaps that's why they had amassed almost 40,000 Instagram followers!

Wowfulls made their official debut at 2015 Smorgasburg Brooklyn during the indoor (read: cold) months and were an instant hit, despite the cold weather working against them. Hana Kitchens guided them in their start, and Wowfulls is still producing at Hana Kitchens Brooklyn to this day. In addition to popups around the city, Wowfulls can also be found at their own shop on the Lower East Side and Citifield, home of the Mets. See below for upcoming events and the info for their shop. They also cater!

Peter, David, and Yiming left the corporate world of finance to break out on their own and take a risk on a concept they all enjoyed since they were kids. We applaud their hard work and wish them continued success. We're proud to call them a part of the Hana family! We're also glad that we could help them in their exponential growth over the last two years. If you're in New York City, you must try Wowfulls - you will not be disappointed!!


309 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Monday – Thursday 1:00PM — 9:00PM Friday – Sunday 12:00pm – 10:30pm (646)-639-9988 wowfulldays@wowfulls.com




WEEKENDS ONLY 11AM-6PM (APRIL-OCTOBER) Saturdays Williamsburg – 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Sundays Prospect Park – Prospect Park Breeze Hill at, Brooklyn, NY 11225


Governor's Ball - June 1-3rd (Randall's Island, NYC)

Famous Food Festival - July 14-15 (Deer Park, NY)

Hankyu Department Store - May 9-15 - (Osaka, Japan)

INSTAGRAM: @wowfulls

TWITTER: @wowfulls

FACEBOOK: @wowfulls

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