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Here is an article that everyone looking for a commercial rental kitchen should read.

At this point, I think most of us are familiar with the demise of Pilotworks, the Campbell's Soup funded commercial incubator kitchen that burned through $28mil in 1.5 years and shockingly shut down its' kitchens in the middle of food producers cooking. This article sums up why it failed very nicely. Food is such a nuanced business, that you cannot trust software engineers to run a successful kitchen. Food is not tech. It does not magically multiply and produce huge returns like an app. It is a hard business, a tangible business, and though the hard knocks are part of the learning process, as a food producer you want to be in a shared kitchen that understands what its' producers are going through and what their unique needs are. Experience and know-how is more important than "shiny and new".

See below for a short summary and please do click through and read the original story here!

Lessons From Pilotworks’ Demise

by andrea j. carbine

18 oct 2018

Pilotworks Brooklyn Kitchen

1) Food is a viable industry, and we need people with expertise leading its much needed transformation.

2) Accountability to your employees, customers, and community is key in business.

3) Diversity is not a marketing platform, it is about what you do.

4) The numbers have to add up.

5) No company is a one-person operation.

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