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Welcome to Hana Kitchens!  

We're a culinary incubator as well as fully certified commercial kitchen rental facilities.  We've taken our collective years and experience in every aspect of the food business and built a platform for new and expanding food entrepreneurs of all sizes.  Our kitchens are specifically catered towards perfecting recipes and ramping up production using automated equipment.

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All Videos

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“These are the people that are going to be the
future titans of the food industry.”
    - Andrew Zimmern
Award winning Chef, Food Celebrity, and host of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel after filming food producers at Hana Kitchens NYC, his number one pick from the full episode!  Watch a short clip above.



We would like to thank you for how great it is to work at Hana Kitchens.  Every time we utilize Hana Kitchens, we can see that is is a very busy place with many different companies working there.  Yet, everything always runs smoothly and everyone is easy to be around.  We know you create that environment.

Also, we appreciate your work with us while operating the Rheon machine and forming our peanut butter balls.  It always goes smoothly with perfect results!

Just thought you should know that we appreciate you!


Debbie J.

Celebre Peanut Butter Balls

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